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Self-Help For Every Common Problem

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Summary of Our Rave Reviews

National Mental Health Association: “An easy-to-read reference … enlightened and comprehensive … terrific compassion, and clinical knowledge”

National Self-Help Clearinghouse: “no-nonsense solutions to problems. Use it as a guide to better emotional health.”

American Mental Health Counselors Association: “recommended to consumers, students, clergy, teachers, and volunteers”

Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy: “immensely beneficial … child rearing is discussed with utmost sensitivity and know-how … a tribute to the field of psychology … a balm for those who suffer.”

Science Books & Films: “ an ideal gift for young adults, newlyweds, young parents, or anyone facing change in their life. … Parental concerns from infancy throughout adolescence are addressed with clarity.”

Psychologist, Psychology Professor, Certified Prescribing Psychologist, and Catholic deacon, Dr. Thomas Holsworth: “The book defines love clearly in behaviors and teaches us how to love ourselves and other people in our lives.”

Covers Over 100 Personal Problems, Crises, Decisions, & Life Skills, Including:

Happiness   *   Judging Love, Relationships   *   Marriage   *  Addictions   *   Obesity   *   Depression   *   Anger   *   33 Areas of Raising Children   *   Divorce   *   Insomnia   *   Abuse   *   Rape   *   Sexual Harassment   *   Sex Problems   *   Elder Care   *   Suicide  *   Grief, Trauma   *   Attention Deficit Disorder   *   Eating Disorders   *   Anxiety, Worry, Fear, Phobia   *   Pregnancy   *   Self-Esteem   *   Gambling   *   Getting over the Past   *   Nonverbal Communication   *   Assertiveness   *   Shyness   *   Nervous Habits   *   Dating

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