Rich & Peaceful: Progressive Politics


This book on progressive politics offers many overlooked, practical concrete solutions for both restoring the American Dream and for World Peace.  See below for the Table of Contents.

Peace Petition Excerpt

Free Health Care Petition Excerpt

Free Medicines Petition Excerpt

Free College Petition Excerpt

American Dream Petition Excerpt

Social Security Petition Excerpt

Intro: A Happy, Peaceful, Prosperous Nation & World

Why We Struggle & How To Win Peace & Prosperity

Why Billionaires Fear Our Votes: Mindboggling Injustice

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Rich & Peaceful: Progressive Politics

Table of Contents


Peace & Wealth: Far Cheaper Than War

Free Health Care, Like 23 Other Countries

Free Medicines, Like 5 Other Countries

Free College & Vocational Education, Like 30 Other Countries

Win Back The American Dream

Strengthen Social Security & Medicare

  1. Introduction: World Peace & Prosperity (1)
  2. Why Americans Struggle & How to Win Peace & Prosperity (33)
  3. Why Billionaires Fear Our Votes: Corruption & Mindboggling Injustice (44)
    1. Political Corruption, Tax Loopholes, & Horrific Crimes (44)
    2. Massive Greed & Injustice Made Ordinary Workers Poor (75)
    3. The Koch Brothers’ Secret Army That Stole The American Dream (92)
    4. Good-Hearted Americans Versus Government Corruption (108)
    5. Ways to Stop Corruption & Fund Our Government (115)
    6. Why Billionaires Fight to Restrict Voting Rights—Our Best Weapon (119)
  4. Times When America’s True Spirit Shone Brightly (133)
  5. More Effective Crime Laws Would Boost Our Economy (145)
  6. The Economic Benefits of Prevention & Free Health Care (172)
  7. Free, Safer Medicines for All (194)
  8. Free Trade: Corporate Screw the Worker & Environment Agreements (205)
  9. How to Make Corporations Serve People Again (220)
  10. A More Loving (Christian) Capitalism (235)
  11. Immigrants & Our Interdependent World (244)
  12. Reasons for War, Terrorism, & ISIS & Solutions (251)
    1. Reasons for Muslim Anger (251)
    2. The Causes of ISIS & Strategies for Beating It (254)
    3. A Fair Solution in Israel & Palestine (259)
    4. More Effective Alternatives to Military Ones (277)
  13. Easy Paths to Peace & Prosperity (289)
  14. Peace & Prosperity: Vastly Cheaper than War (310)
  15. How to Win Back the American Dream (320)
  16. How to Take the Money Out of Politics & Win Back Our Democracy (359)

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Rich & Peaceful: Progressive Politics