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Shirts To Change The World.Org

Raise Consciousness and Promote Peace & Prosperity Every Time You Wear Our Shirts.

We Have 75 Different Progressive Political T Shirts in 8 Categories:

Peace Shirts         American Dream, Prosperity Shirts         Environmental Shirts         Save Our Democracy Shirts         Legal Justice Shirts         Christian Shirts         Gun Safety Shirts         Feminist Shirts

Only JUSTICE from loving policies helping those in need will achieve law and order or PEACE. 

Cobalt Blue Glass Angels Praying

Peace Angel Shirts

Stained Glass Dove Of Peace With Olive Branch

Peace Dove Shirts

5 of Each Peace Shirt Design:

Hate (War, Drones) Can’t Stop Hate (Terrorism)

Medicines, Clean Water, Food = World Peace

War = More Terrorism

Disarm All War Zones

Children & Victims Are Not Illegal

Stained Glass Dove Of Peace With Olive Branch

American Dream, Prosperity Dove of Peace Shirts

Cobalt Blue Glass Angels Praying

American Dream, Prosperity Angel Shirts

9 of Each American Dream, Prosperity Shirt Design:

Free Health Care & Medicines, Like 29 Other Countries

Free College, Like 30 Other Countries

Medicare For All

$15 Minimum Wage

Strengthen Social Security

Paid Vacations, Sick Days, & Maternity Leave For All

Postal Banking To End Predatory PayDay Loans

Fast Food & Walmart Pay = Slavery For Billionaires

Equality Act = Civil Rights For All

Snowy White Egret

Snowy White Egret Environmental Shirts

8 Snowy White Egret Environmental Shirts:

Save The Environment, A Good Planet Is Hard To Find!

Protect Our Precious Water, Air, Nature

Clean Water & Energy, Not War

Use Less, Share More, Recycle

Go Green: Less Toxic Chemicals

Protect Health & Environment: Eat Less Meat

Trillion $$ Subsidies For Clean Energy, Not Dirty!

Greedy Billionaire Pollution: Make Them Pay!

Sad Woman Crying A Tear In Jail

Legal Justice Shirts

7 Legal Justice Shirts:

No Jail For Minor, Nonviolent Crimes

Arrest Buyers For Child Sex, Not Victims

End Bail, Fines, & Fees Jailing The Poor

Treat Addicts, Jail Destroys Families & Lives

Require Police Cameras, Always On

Investigate Police Violence With Outside Experts

5X More Public Defenders, Better Paid

The Rich Bribing Congress

Save Our Democracy Shirts

6 Save Our Democracy Shirts:

Vote Money Out of Politics

Public Financing of Elections

End Corporate Revolving Door Politics

Voter Day Holiday & Automatic Registration

End Gerrymandering & The Electoral College

Impeach Bigot, Anti-Voting Rights, Pro-Corp. Judges

Cobalt Blue Glass Angels Praying

Angel Gun Safety Shirts

Stained Glass Dove Of Peace With Olive Branch

Dove of Peace Gun Safety Shirts

5 of Each Gun Safety Shirt Design:

No Guns For Abusers, Terror Suspects

Background Checks On All Gun Sales

Ban & Buy Back Assault Weapons

Childproof All Guns

License & Insure Guns Like Cars

Jesus with Halo, Crown of Thorns

Jesus With Halo & Crown of Thorns

Cobalt Blue Glass Angels Praying

Christian Angel Shirts

5 of Each Christian Shirt Design:

Jesus Would Champion Free Health Care

Jesus Would End War With Water, Food, Medicines

Endless War = Satan’s Waste of $$ 

Children & Victims Are Not Illegal

Jesus Would Love Muslims & LGBT

Cobalt Blue Glass Angels Praying

Angel Feminist Shirts

Stained Glass Dove Of Peace With Olive Branch

Dove of Peace Feminist Shirts

3 of Each Feminist Shirt Design:

World Peace? Put Women In Charge!

Good (Hot) Men Love Equality

Love Is Patient, Kind, Never Mean

Sad Woman Crying A Tear

Crying Woman Feminist Shirts

4 Crying Woman Feminist Shirt Designs:

Love, Is Patient, Kind, Never Mean

No Means NO!

Dump Even Verbal Abusers

My Body, My Rules

Please Note:

Our $30 Cobalt Blue Angel Candlesticks shirt designs are made with the photographic-quality Direct-To-Garment printer technology.  Because these print one at a time, we can ship these designs within 1 week of your order.

Our $20 shirts are made by screen printing, a process that requires a lot of initial setup. Shirt shops refuse to produce them in small quantities. And we can’t yet afford to print and stock quantities of our 65 Different $20 Shirts in 5 sizes each.

So we will test the market for our $20 shirts with the following rules. As soon as we get 6 orders of any one shirt design (art and slogan), we will print a quantity of all 5 sizes for that shirt. From that time forward, that particular shirt (art and slogan) will ship within a week of your order.

We will collect payment when you order and notify you of the status of that shirt. If we are waiting for more orders in order to print the shirt, we will tell you. If at any time you change your mind and don’t want to wait for a particular shirt, just email us and we will refund your money.

For shirts on hold, when we receive 6 orders, we will notify you that we have placed our order for shirts, telling you when we expect to ship the shirts.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all our shirts.  If you are not satisfied, you have 2 weeks from the time you receive it to return the shirt.

We offer replacement shirts in a different size or credit for other purchases on our website, not refunds.  You will receive credit for the cost of the item but not for our shipping costs.

To qualify, please return the shirt in its original condition and include your receipt in the package.  You are responsible for the cost of shipping the shirt back to us.

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