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The Rich Bribing Congress

Political Corruption:

Many Leaders

Don’t Care

If People Die

Many politicians don’t care about millions of people dying, as long as they keep getting massive campaign contributions.  They act as  puppets for their corporate sponsors and greedy billionaires.

  • Likely over 200,000 Americans have died because of fraud by pharmaceutical companies, enabled by both Democratic & Republican politicians supported by those companies.
  • These politicians let them hide dangerous side effects, pay “cost of business” fines when deaths occur, and massively overprice for medicines. Worldwide, millions of people die because they can’t afford medicines.
  • About 19,000 more Americans die each year because 19 Republican governors supported by billionaires refused federal money to expand Medicaid health care.
  • These governors didn’t even care they had to pay an extra $1 billion each year to treat uninsured people in hospitals. Because of these governors, their own citizens died while paying taxes supporting the expanded health care they never got.
  • Nearly 45,000 people die every year in the US because they can’t afford health care. Republican members of Congress supported by billionaires deliberately sabotaged the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) because it taxes the very richest Americans to help the middle class and poor afford health insurance.
  • The ACA only provided about 1/10th of the total money the law needed, depending on Congress to provide additional funding each year. Instead, every year, Republicans made sure the ACA didn’t get the funding it needed.
  • Republicans eliminated money promised to insurance companies to help them with the comprehensive benefits required in the ACA and with covering people with pre-existing conditions. This forced premiums to skyrocket and made companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield quit the market in some states.
  • Republicans eliminated over half the $6 billion to establish nonprofit insurance co-ops in the ACA that would force regular insurance companies to compete. They also eliminated federal money for educating people and promoting the ACA with digital and television ads.
  • By refusing to expand Medicaid, the Republican governors forced many of their sicker working poor to join the ACA insurance exchanges, increasing losses for the insurance companies and driving up their premiums.
  • Now, after strangling the ACA in these ways, Republican Congressmen pretend Obamacare was fatally flawed and doomed to a death spiral.
  • Republicans tried to replace the ACA by taking away health insurance from 24 million people, taking away $673 in tax credits and subsidies for middle-class and poor families, skyrocketing health insurance premiums by 750%, and cutting Medicaid by $880 billion, just to give the richest Americans a tax cut of $600 billion. Researchers estimated this failed bill would have killed an additional 43,956 Americans each year!
  • Both Democratic & Republican politicians supported by Wall Street let Wells Fargo pay “cost of business” fines for $378.4 billion in money laundering supporting Mexican drug cartels that murdered between 65,000 and 100,000 people.
  • Many people have died because both Democratic & Republican politicians supported by billionaires have loosened federal regulations on big businesses. This put many workers in danger, particularly in mining, fossil fuel, and chemical industries.
  • Many people die or become sick or disabled from air, water, and land pollution. Both Democratic and Republican politicians supported by billionaires have weakened regulations on pollution.
  • Air pollution alone kills 55,000 people in America each year. A December 2012 study found nearly 3,000 cities with double the lead poisoning rates found in Flint, Michigan at the worst of its crisis.
  • Our politicians let big businesses pay “cost of business” fines when they break our weak laws and after major tragedies. Otherwise, these companies avoid paying for the medical consequences of all their pollution and safety issues.
  • Both Democratic & Republican politicians supported by defense contractors spent $6 trillion ($48,000 for each American household) on just the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
  • These politicians order weapons our military doesn’t want and flood the Middle East with weapons. They even break our laws by giving and selling weapons to countries while those countries use our weapons for war crimes.

Corrupt politicians also don’t mind sabotaging our economy. 

  • Republican Congressmen supported by billionaires would rather keep our economy in the sewer than let a Democratic president succeed by building up our economy.
  • These Republicans used “scorched earth” gridlock to block massive jobs and infrastructure programs. They filibustered bills proposed by Obama over 500 times and voted to repeal all or part of Obamacare 62 times.
  • These Republican Congressmen supported by billionaires have been trying for decades to destroy Social Security & Medicare.  They want to cut and privatize both, so private healthcare and financial investment companies can profit by charging fees and commissions and the wealthiest Americans can make money by investing in their stocks on Wall Street.
  • Republicans have cut 14 of Social Security’s last 16 budget requests, constantly refusing to let Social Security use ITS OWN $2.8 trillion we’ve already paid into it.
  • These Republican cuts have eliminated 25,000 Social Security workers and closed 597 offices, even while baby boomers retire and their workload explodes.
  • Now Republicans use the long waits for assistance & disability decisions they themselves caused to argue for overhauling and privatizing Social Security.
  • Republicans have been trying to destroy the Post Office. They passed a law forcing it to prefund 75 years of retirement benefits, forcing it to set aside money for the retirement of its future employees not even born yet.
  • No other government agency has to prefund its retirement like this. Now Republicans use the Post Office’s financial problems they themselves created to cut Post Office jobs, services, and locations.
  • Both Democratic & Republican politicians supported by Wall Street made bankruptcy much easier for billionaires and much harder for average Americans.
  • Now billionaires can walk away from their debts while holding onto most of their assets, even while shafting their investors and workers. Now average Americans can’t declare bankruptcy on their mortgages or even renegotiate them during bankruptcy.
  • And now students burdened with so much debt they can’t buy cars, homes, or start families can’t get rid of the debt or even renegotiate it in bankruptcy. In fact, now lenders can deduct payments for old student loans from Social Security checks in old age, many decades later.
  • Read our excerpts on “Rigged For The Rich” and “Rigged Against Average Americans” to see how our puppets for billionaires in Congress have changed our laws to constantly shower more wealth on the rich and hurt the middle class and poor.
  • Both Democratic & Republican politicians supported by Wall Street deregulated our financial system, nearly destroying our economy in 2008. In just a few months, 8 million people lost their jobs, over 5 million people lost their homes, and the value of American homes dropped nearly $7 trillion.
  • The politicians bailed out Wall Street banks with $16 Trillion ($128,000 for each American household) while refusing to help those who lost their jobs and homes and refusing to fix our schools, infrastructure, or health care bills.
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