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Progressive Political Petitions & Excerpts From Rich & Peaceful:

Instead of gathering book reviews and endorsements over a period of years, we are posting the 6 petitions and 120 of the first 140 pages of the new book Rich & Peaceful here for all to see, so you can judge it for yourself.

Stained Glass Dove Of Peace With Olive Branch
Chapter 2: Why Americans Struggle & How To Win Peace & Prosperity

Chapter 3 contains 6 sections:

Political Corruption, Tax Loopholes, & Horrific Crimes
Massive Greed & Injustice Made Ordinary Workers Poor
The Koch Brothers’ Secret Army That Stole The American Dream
Good-Hearted Americans Versus Government Corruption
Ways to Stop Corruption & Fund Our Government
Why Billionaires Fight to Restrict Voting Rights—Our Best Weapon

Self-Help Psychology Excerpts From Family Desk Reference to Psychology:

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