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The Rich Bribing Congress

Corrupt Politicians Have No Heart Or Morals 

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They’re Willing To Let People Die & Screw Our Economy

Cold-hearted, corrupt members of Congress pretend to be Christian while they refuse massively popular common-sense laws to reduce mass murders, screw and kill the poor and middle class, and sabotage our economy to enrich billionaires.

For Republican votes, they will support woman abusers like Donald Trump and even the child molester candidate Roy Moore.

Corrupt politicians will let hundreds of thousands of people die, simply in order to keep getting massive campaign contributions from their greedy billionaire donors and the National Rifle Association.

Republicans claimed there’s just no money to continue the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), AT THE SAME TIME they voted for a $1 ½ trillion tax cut for billionaires.

The estate tax, only charged on a married couple’s estate worth over $11 million before the Republican tax cuts, provided $5 billion more than enough tax money to pay for CHIP.

Instead of using this money to pay CHIP, Republicans gave wealthy heirs a huge tax break, doubling the tax-free value of estates up to $22 million.

Clearly, Republicans think it is more important to give already wealthy heirs $11 million more dollars than to pay for 8.9 million disabled and sick children’s health care.

Because Republicans refused to fund CHIP for months and months on end, even children in the middle of cancer treatment almost lost their health care.

Fortunately, Democrats used the government shutdown of January, 2018 to force Republicans to fund CHIP for 6 more years, saving countless families suffering and hardship.

Republicans also refuse to allow ANY gun safety bill to come to a vote, despite 30 gun homicides a day and 30,000 deaths a year.

They even block universal background checks for purchasing guns, supported by both 90% of Americans and the vast majority of members of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

After the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre of 20 children and 6 teachers, Democrats tried to ban assault weapons but Republicans refused to vote on it.

Democrats tried to ban assault weapons again in 2015 after the San Bernardino, California massacre of 14 people and in 2107 after the Las Vegas massacre of 58 people that wounded 851 people but Republicans killed these proposals, too.

Even now, not one single Republican is co-sponsoring a new bill to ban assault weapons.

Democrats tried to establish universal background checks after Sandy Hook and San Bernardino but Republicans killed that, too.

In 2015, Democrats tried to stop people on the terrorist watch list from buying assault rifles but Republicans blocked it. Republicans blocked this same common-sense proposal again in 2016, shortly after the Orlando massacre of 49 people.

In 2017, Republicans repealed a law that required Social Security to report some mentally ill people to the FBI’s gun background check system, letting more mentally ill people buy guns, even assault weapons. Of course, Trump proudly signed the bill.

In 2017, Republicans in the House passed a law blocking the Department of Veteran’s Affairs from reporting to the FBI’s gun background check system veterans too mentally ill to manage their own affairs.

In 2017, Republicans in the House voted to force every state to honor concealed weapons permits from other states in the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. This would stop states from enforcing their own laws, a massive expansion of the right to carry hidden weapons everywhere.

Donald Trump’s new budget would cut $12 million in funding for the FBI’s criminal background check system for gun purchases, including funds for reporting domestic violence, protection orders, and other crimes to the database.

The NRA and other gun-rights organizations spent nearly $55 million in the 2016 election alone. Plus, the NRA spent over $61 million supporting members of Congress, the vast majority Republicans.

Obviously, Republicans think these hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions are more important than all the American lives taken every single day and in our regular mass murders.

After winning the presidency & both houses of Congress, all Republicans can think of to do is take away health care from poor & middle-class Americans to give greedy billionaires even more tax cuts.

Republicans first tried to replace the ACA by taking away health insurance from 24 million people, taking away $673 in tax credits and subsidies for middle-class and poor families, skyrocketing health insurance premiums by 750%, and cutting Medicaid by $880 billion, just to give the richest Americans a tax cut of $600 billion. Researchers estimated this failed bill would have killed an additional 43,956 Americans each year!

The new Republican tax bill eliminates the individual mandate for most Americans to buy health insurance, even though this mandate was originally a Republican idea.

This will surely eliminate many healthier customers, sabotage the insurance market, and make premiums skyrocket. Government experts estimate ending the individual mandate will throw 13 million Americans off of health care.

Corrupt politicians take money from pharmaceutical companies and let them price-gouge all they want, as detailed in our petition for free medicines. Now almost 1 in 5 Americans report not filling a prescription because of the cost. Worldwide, millions of people die because they can’t afford medicines.

Congress lets pharmaceutical companies hide dangerous side effects and then pay only “cost of business” fines for hundreds of thousands of American deaths from this fraud. This is also detailed in our petition for free medicines.

Both Democratic & Republican politicians supported by Wall Street let Wells Fargo Bank pay “cost of business” fines for $420 billion in money laundering supporting Mexican drug cartels that murdered between 65,000 and 100,000 people.

Many people have died because both Democratic & Republican politicians supported by billionaires have loosened federal regulations on big businesses. This put many workers in danger, particularly in mining, fossil fuel, and chemical industries.

Many people die or become sick or disabled from air, water, and land pollution. Both Democratic and Republican politicians supported by billionaires have weakened regulations on pollution.

Air pollution alone kills 55,000 people in America each year. A December 2012 study found nearly 3,000 cities with double the lead poisoning rates found in Flint, Michigan at the worst of its crisis.

Our politicians let big businesses pay “cost of business” fines when they break our weak laws and after major tragedies. Otherwise, these companies avoid paying for the medical consequences of all their pollution and safety issues.

Corrupt politicians (both Democrat and Republican) take money from defense contractors and support permanent war, wasting our resources on death and destruction in desperately poor nations, which only causes more terrorism.

These politicians supported by defense contractors spent $6 trillion ($48,000 for each American household) on just the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

These politicians order weapons our military doesn’t want and flood the Middle East with weapons. They even break our laws by giving and selling weapons to countries while those countries use our weapons for war crimes.

Screwing Our Economy

Both Democratic & Republican politicians supported by Wall Street deregulated our financial system, nearly destroying our economy in 2008. In just a few months, 8 million people lost their jobs, over 5 million people lost their homes, and the value of American homes dropped nearly $7 trillion.

The politicians bailed out Wall Street banks with $16 Trillion ($128,000 for each American household) while refusing to help those who lost their jobs and homes and refusing to fix our schools, infrastructure, or health care bills.

Corrupt Republican Congressmen supported by corporate sponsors and greedy billionaires would rather keep our economy in the sewer than let a Democratic president succeed by building up our economy.

These Republicans used “scorched earth” gridlock to block Obama’s massive jobs, research, and infrastructure programs, ranting and railing that any increase in the deficit would strangle our economy.

They filibustered bills proposed by Obama over 500 times. Now that these Republicans are in charge, suddenly they don’t care about deficits. Did they spend the money wisely to give health care to regular Americans so they can work or to build our infrastructure and create jobs?

No, these Republicans blew up the deficit spending $1 and ½ trillion just giving millionaires and billionaires whopping tax breaks!

Republicans have been trying to destroy the Post Office. They passed a law forcing it to prefund 75 years of retirement benefits, forcing it to set aside money for the retirement of its future employees not even born yet.

No other government agency has to prefund its retirement like this. Now Republicans use the Post Office’s financial problems they themselves created to cut Post Office jobs, services, and locations.

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