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The Rich Bribing Congress

Billionaires Have Spent Billions Of Dollars Stealing The American Dream: Eliminating Most Decent Pay, Retirement, Paid Vacations & Sick Leave, Health Care, Cheap College, & Money For Schools & Infrastructure.

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In Just 2 Steps, We Can Take Money Out Of Politics & Win Peace & Prosperity

1. Change Public Opinion: Only Popular Opinion Can End Big Money Corrupting Politics.  

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2. Throw Out Any Politician Or Judge Who Won’t:

  • End Big Money In Political Campaigns

  • End Lobbying = Legal Bribery (All Other Western Democracies Outlaw It)

  • End Corporate Executives Running Government

  • Support Free Health Care & Medicines

  • Support Free College

  • Strengthen Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid

  • End Our Wars Creating Terrorists

  • Support $15 Minimum Wage

  • End Illegal Jail For Debt & Jail For Minor Crimes

  • Support Voting Rights

  • End The Electoral College

The first priority is putting Democrats in power. Republican now clearly support policies that aren’t even truly Christian. They’re willing to let people die just to give billionaires more tax cuts. (Read our article about Corrupt Politicians Have No Heart Or Morals, Let People Die, Screw Our Economy.)
This is an emergency. Supreme Court judges have already allowed money to corrupt politics and they are following billionaires’ pro-corporate, anti-worker, anti-voting rights, anti-environment, toxic agenda.
Putting Democrats in power means starting by electing moderate Democrats in moderate districts, who may not support some progressive policies. Once Democrats are in power, we can begin taking money out of politics (nothing will change without this) and eliminating “Wall Street” Democrats who are just as bad as billionaire’s Republican puppets.

We Need A Landslide to Beat Gerrymandering & Voter Restrictions


The Electoral College Is Undemocratic & Dangerous:


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