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The Rich Bribing Congress

In Just 2 Steps, We Can Take Money Out Of Politics & Win Peace & Prosperity

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1. Change Public Opinion: Only Popular Opinion Can End Big Money Corrupting Politics.  

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2. Throw Out Any Politician (Republican or Democrat) Who Won’t:

  • Support Free Health Care & Medicines

  • Support Free College

  • Strengthen Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid

  • End Our Wars Creating Terrorists

  • Support $15 Minimum Wage

  • End Illegal Jail For Debt & Jail For Minor Crimes

  • End Big Money In Political Campaigns

  • End Lobbying = Legal Bribery (All other Western democracies outlaw it.)

  • End Corporate Executives Running Government

  • Impeach & Recall Bigot, Anti-Voting Rights, & Pro-Corporate Judges

Reason We Need To Get Rid Of Bigot, Anti-Voting Rights, & Pro-Corporate Judges:

  • Democrats in Congress put out a report saying “President Trump and Senate Republicans have prioritized filling the nation’s courts with ideological judges intent on weakening civil rights, women’s rights, workers’ rights, and the ability of everyday Americans to hold corporations accountable.”  It noted Republicans are even scheduling hearings before nominees are evaluated by the American Bar Association, ignoring “not qualified” ratings, not getting the required support from state nominating commissions, and ignoring nominees failing to disclose required information.
  • Republicans refused to even consider extremely qualified judges for a Supreme Court seat until President Obama left office and they got in power.  They slow-walked President Obama’s nominees.
  • By tradition, Senators accept nominees for judges in their state with a blue strip. If they refuse the blue slip, the nominee is rejected.  In Wisconsin, Republicans refused to blue slip any judge for 6 years.
  • Now Republicans ignore blue slips completely and are placing judges at record-breaking levels, mostly judges who have records of being against voting rights, civil rights, gay rights, and abortion rights.  Some of them even refuse to say that racial segregation is morally wrong and the Supreme Court decisions against it are correct.
  • Republicans are putting in place even completely incompetent judges.  In fact, one had never even seen the inside of a courtroom.  Another praised the original Klu Klux Klan.
  • This is very dangerous.  Federal court judges have lifetime jobs.  Republicans are deliberately choosing young, white, male bigoted and pro-corporate judges in order to make sure that their views will dominate our courts for many decades.
  • Pro-corporate judges side with corporations instead of supporting people’s rights to benefits & safety & instead of protecting the environment.  They believe corporations have the rights of people and campaign money is free speech.  And they let corporations force people into arbitration agreements where they give up rights to sue.  This puts judges chosen and paid by the corporation to decide their damages in secretive, confidential, binding decisions, a terrible conflict of interest.  If the judges want more lucrative work, they will side with the corporations choosing and paying them.  Now, even stressed families putting their loved ones in nursing homes often must sign arbitration agreements, losing the right to sue over even horrific abuses.
  • Let’s lead the world again in equality, justice, freedom, respect, and personal dignity.  We must end this Republican cheating and impeach or recall all bigot, anti-voting rights, and pro-corporate judges.

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