The Rich Bribing Congress

How To Beat

Political Corruption

  • Billionaires are afraid of our votes, so their Republican puppets in Congress and state legislatures fight to stop poor people and minorities from voting. In just three steps, we can use the vote to win all our goals.
  • First, we need to change public opinion. Only popular opinion can force the government to end the corrupting power of billionaires and corporations. The many progressive shirts and new book on this website can help.
  • Second, throw out any politician who won’t vote money out of politics. This means almost all Republicans and many Democrats. There are three parts to this:
    • We need to end large contributions to political campaigns from corporations and the superrich.
    • We need to end lobbying, the legal bribery that isn’t tolerated in any other Western democracy.
    • And we need to end the revolving door of corporate executives moving back and forth from big business to and from politics and government regulatory agencies.
  • Third, we must throw out any politician who won’t support free health care, free medicines, free college, strengthen Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid, and end our foolish wars.