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Humble Peasant Praying Statue

Change The World:

Win The American


& World Peace

Cobalt Blue Glass Angels Gift Card

Together, WE THE PEOPLE can win Free Health Care, Free Medicines, Free College, and World Peace!  

Spread progressive politics with our beautiful art shirts promoting peace, justice, and prosperity for all.  By inspiring hearts one at a time, they could lead to real change!
Sad Woman Crying A Tear In Jail Shirt: Arrest Buyers For Child Rape, Not Victims
Cobalt Blue Praying Angels Shirt: Medicines, Clean Water, Food = World Peace
Stained Glass Dove of Peace Shirt: Free Health Care & Medicines, Like 28 Other Countries
Snowy White Egret Shirt: Clean Water & Energy, Not War
Jesus With Halo & Crown Of Thorns Shirt: Endless War = Satan's Waste of $$$
The Rich Bribing Congress Shirt: Vote Money Out Of Politics
Our 6 Petitions on the Home Page explain our goals.
Instead of gathering book reviews and endorsements over a period of years,
we are posting a full third of the new book Rich & Peaceful: Progressive Politics
on this website for all to see, so you can judge it for yourself.

Help Us Promote Peace, Justice, & Prosperity!

Everything you buy on this website will help us RAISE AWARENESS of  PROGRESSIVE POLITICAL SOLUTIONS.  These policies reflect the true values of Jesus Christ & other major religious leaders: taking care of the least among us and of the earth.

Rich & Peaceful: Progressive Politics Book Shop Cover


Shirt Art: Snowy White Egret & Dove of Peace

Greeting Cards

Amethyst & Pearl Dove of Peace Jewelry


Stained Glass Art

Stained Glass

We plan to use the money we raise to create a public service video for our petitions and post it online on YouTube and distribute it to all the public community access television stations across the US for local viewing.

Author Chuck Falcon will acknowledge and thank those who donate $250 or more at the beginning of his new book Rich & Peaceful, starting with the largest donations.

Thank you for visiting. We greatly appreciate your time and interest.

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