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Win The American Dream

& World Peace

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“There is only one thing more powerful than all the armies of the world. That is an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo

“All through history, the ways of truth and love have always won.” Mahatma Gandi

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Peace & Harmony Press offers tools to work toward peace and prosperity, both in America and worldwide.

Author, psychologist, artist, and peace & human rights activist Chuck Falcon has devoted his life to activism and helping abused people.  He spent the last 15 years on his new book and artwork, hoping to make a difference.  Our 6 Petitions on the Home Page explain our goals and how easily we can achieve them.  Simply join our organization to support our petitions.

You can also help Spread Peace, Love, and Prosperity everywhere you go by wearing our Beautiful Art Shirts with important, practical solutions.  They are walking billboards to raise awareness and help change the world for the better.  By inspiring hearts one at a time, our shirts could lead to real change.

Occupy Wall Street protested corruption and money in politics but had no practical solutions.  Black Lives Matter is protesting the fact that for far too long, far too many people didn’t and still don’t honor and treat black lives as sacred.  Our petitions, shirts, and political book provide practical, common-sense solutions for these issues.  Our shirts promote peace, harmony, justice, and prosperity for all.  The messages on two shirts could help end police violence.

We hope to promote a Profoundly Peaceful, Nonviolent Movement, raising awareness one shirt, one book, one petition signature at a time.  Together, WE THE PEOPLE can win free health care, college, medicines, and world peace.

Instead of gathering book reviews and endorsements over a period of years, we are posting the 6 petitions and the first 140 pages of the new book Rich & Peaceful here for all to see, so you can judge it for yourself.  We are taking pre-orders for the new book.

We are also selling the author’s greeting cards, shirts, and stained glass designs.  Soon we will post jewelry sets and art quilts.

We plan to use the money we raise to promote our loving (Christian) messages.  We hope to create a public service video for our petitions.  We would then post this video online on YouTube and distribute it to all the public community access television stations across the US for local viewing.

This is a crowdfunding site, which means everything you buy or donate will help us spread awareness of our practical, concrete solutions for the American Dream and World Peace.

Author Chuck Falcon will acknowledge and thank those who donate $250 or more at the beginning of his new book Rich & Peaceful, starting with the largest donations.

Thank you for visiting. We greatly appreciate your time and interest.