Progressive Politics: We Can Have It All

Free Health Care, Medicines, College, The American Dream, & World Peace

We already spend enough on college & health care to make them free.

War can’t end terrorism.  Water, food, & medicines can, incredibly cheaply.

Why Americans Struggle and How to Win Peace & Prosperity

   We are the wealthiest nation in the history of the world, richer than ever before, with far more billionaires (571) and millionaires (9.63 million) than any other country. Our $17 trillion economy is the highest in the world and the highest it has ever been.

Why, then, do we always have the money for war and tax breaks for the rich and corporations but not to help average Americans? Why don’t we get the basic rights and benefits people in most other developed countries enjoy?

They enjoy free health care, free college and vocational education, guaranteed paid vacation days and sick leave, free or cheap high-quality preschool, and months of paid childbirth leave for new mothers.

People working at McDonald’s in Denmark, Norway, & Sweden earn $20 an hour and get paid vacation and sick leave. Some people here in the US actually work two fast food jobs yet live in homeless shelters.

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Goals in America: more jobs, better pay & benefits, free health care, medicines, college, & vocational education, guaranteed paid vacations, sick days, & maternal leave.

Goals Worldwide: peace instead of constant war, which only pours gasoline on the fires of ethnic and religious conflicts and triggers a cycle of revenge, terrorism, and death.

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Book Cover: Rich & Peaceful: Progressive Politics

Learn how America can lead the world to peace by devoting just 1/12 of our military spending to clean water, medicines, and food.

Learn how we can make corporations serve the people again.  Find out many, many overlooked ways to fund the American Dream and how we can take money out of our politics.

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Book Cover: Family Desk Reference to Psychology

Both national & international psychology organizations gave award-winning author Chuck Falcon rave reviews for his very practical self-help book Family Desk Reference to Psychology.  

Chuck Falcon created this website and wrote his new, very practical political book Rich & Peaceful to show how spending our money more wisely on loving, Christian policies can bring back the American Dream and even achieve world peace.